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Who We Are

Mosaic featuring three images, one of a person with a dog, and the others of people with their loved ones.

InCloudForever is composed of a team whose mission is to help people preserve their memories and those of their loved ones, keeping alive the stories that have shaped their lives. For this reason, we have created a high-quality digital platform accessible to all, with the goal of building a legacy for future generations.

We are committed to preserving personal and collective memory, recognizing the fundamental role memories play in building a better society. We deeply believe in the value of each individual and that every life is important and deserves to be remembered, not forgotten. We also believe in the importance and value of knowledge acquired throughout life. Thanks to recent technological advancements, we can preserve this knowledge and individual stories, thereby creating a better world for new generations. These generations will be able to firsthand experience through their families those aspects that give meaning to life and were once lost irretrievably.

Our team is multidisciplinary and highly experienced, comprised of experts in each area of digital products. We are passionate about our work, and each member of our team works tirelessly to ensure the security, accessibility, and durability of your memories. We believe that every life is important and deserves to be remembered, and we are here to ensure that your digital legacy endures.

Together, we are building a future where memories endure forever.

The InCloudForever Team