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Create your immortal profile

InCloudForever gives you a secure and readily accessible space of your own where you can keep the essence of who you are: your favourite or life-defining moments. It's a place for memory where your loved ones can learn from you and you can inspire and help others. This profile will only be activated when you stop being mortal so that your memory does not disappear and you become immortal.

Personal Journal

Create an everlasting personal journal and record your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a completely private space

With InCloudForever, you can create an everlasting personal journal, a space where you can capture your thoughts, feelings, experiences, reflections or anything you want. This space will be completely private, allowing you to express yourself freely and without judgment. You'll be able to keep track of the important events in your life, which will help you define your essence and everything you have lived and learned during your time on this world.

Memory album

Store your most important photos and videos, sort them by date and add descriptions to create a custom timeline.

Upload photos and videos of the most important moments of your life, classify them by date to create a beautiful timeline, and add text to explain why they are so important to you.